Message From MD & CEO

Podder & Podder family has come a long way since 1990 . Started as a Proprietorship venture , we became a Partnership firm and now a Pvt . Limited company and very soon we hope to be a Limited company.

Not many years ago, this company completed a One crore balance sheet and last year , through the untiring effort of every member of this family, we have crossed the 100 Crore mark.

We hope to be a 1000 crore company by 2020.
What we need, is to set our own bench mark and aim for continuous improvement. We must change with time . We must become a system oriented company. Good systems and practices are essential tools for growth.

While implementing latest software and hardware, it is to be remembered that men run computers and not the other way around. Using our own intelligence and constantly monitoring the gaps is necessary.

Each one of us must remember, that we are here because of our customers. Our commitment should have value in gold. Judge your performance through the feelings of our customer. Remember our promise of 24x7.

The management of this company is through two way communication and every effort is to be taken to bring in more transparency. Goals and expectations are to be discussed and this requires better communication at every level . We need to have the entire team on same frequency , if our 2020 vision is to be realized.

Last but not the least is our formula for business is - -- "Cash is King and wasteful expenses are to be checked. Opportunity is money."

Let us think beyond tomorrow and remove the words – no and impossible from our dictionary.

Together we will achieve vision 2020.